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Buy one loaf for yourself and we will gift one loaf to someone in need in our community.


During this uncertain time, many folks in our community have either lost all of or  portion of their income. For those with special diet needs, that hardship can be even that much harder because of the cost of allergy friendly foods. At Kickshaws we want to help serve our community with the help of our customers. Our Buy One/Give One bread in our Kickshaws Giving Program offers you a discounted rate on our delicious breads, buying you one loaf and banking one loaf with us to gift weekly to an individual or family in need. We hope and pray that this is not going to go on for too long, but we are commited to supporting our allergy and vegan community get through this together. If you can, consider a Buy One/Give One, buying a DIY Mini Cake Kit or just making a donation.

Thank you for your continued love and support!

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Sourdough Loaf, Sourdough Rolls, Multigrain Loaf, Multigrain Buns, White Sweet Potato Loaf, White Sweet Potato Buns

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