Kickshaws Giving Program

At Kickshaws we understand that these times are very uncertain and many people in our community are suffering from lost wages which makes purchasing the basics challenging. Add to that the struggles relating to maintaining a special diet, the cost of these essentials can be even more prohibitive.

We started making allergy friendly baked goods in an effort to meet the needs first, of our own family who suffer from various autoimmune issue including Celiac Disease leading us to restrictive diets. It was this need that led us to bake for not only our family but the community. We don’t feel that those who are suffering a hardship right now should have to pick and choose what essentials they can afford. With the support from our community, we hope to help feed those in need.

We have a number of options available to both support Kickshaws as we work to continue through this time as well as our community members in need. If you, a friend or family member need support, please contact us to be added to our list. Together, we can all get through this, with out one person going hungry.