Kickshaws offers a variety of delicious pies, mini pies and tarts. All fruit pies and tarts are made with local ingredients and when not local, all ingredients are 100% organic. Some fruit pies may not be available out of season, please contact us with any questions or special requests.

Holiday Pumpkin Pie


Our pumpkin pie-  a classic fall favorite with a holiday twist.

Holiday Apple Pie


A fall favorite made from delicious Virginia apples!

Custom Pie Orders:

We take orders for most of our pies, please check with the Market about seasonal offerings.

Pie Crusts:                                           $4.99

Cassava Pie Crust                             $5.99
Pumpkin Pie:                                     $16.99
Apple Pie                                             $18.99

Strawberry Pie                                  $18.99 (seasonal)

Blueberry Pie                                     $18.99 (seasonal)
Pumpkin “Cheese”cake 8”           $32.99

NY Style “Cheese”cake 8”            $34.99 (topped with strawberry)

Chocolate “Cheese”cake 8″         $32.99
Vegan Tiramisu 8”                            $32.99

Other Treats:

Scones                                                  $33.99/dz

Cinnamon Rolls                                 $34.99/dz

Seven Layer Bars                              $45.99/dz

Pastry Tarts                                            $45.99/dz